• Perfume Stain On Clothes - Why and How To Clean Them

Perfume Stain On Clothes - Why and How To Clean Them

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Most people who love perfumes tend to use them on a daily basis. In an attempt to make the fragrance last longer we often spray directly on clothes which could leave a stain. At other times, perfume stains gets on clothes from what we sprayed on our skin.

How Does Perfume Stain Clothes?

Let us establish from the start that perfumes can and will in most cases stain your clothes leaving residue on them including clear perfumes (colourless liquid). Perfumes are made from essential oils in an alcohol base which can leave oily-looking spots on fabrics when sprayed directly on them. Apart from the alcohol and oil, some perfumes also contain dye, which can also leave a stain. Perfumes can stain both natural and synthetic fabrics.

How to avoid perfume stains on your clothes?
- If you cannot do without spraying perfumes on your clothes then you should get the bottle and sprayer an arm length away from your clothes before spraying, this ensures the spray is better dispersed and lighter rather than been concentrated on one spot like you will see when you spray so close to your clothes. My advice is to totally avoid spraying on white clothes.

- When you apply perfume directly on your body you can wait for at least 5 minutes before putting on clothes to avoid stains. You can also wear an undershirt which would limit potential staining further.

How To Remove Perfume Stain From Clothes?
Perfume stain on your clothes should not be a death sentence(permanent) that will mean you have to stop wearing it. Perfume stains will tend to come out of the fabrics after a simple machine wash.

You can also take the clothes to the dry cleaners to get them deep cleaned. Most designers perfume stain will typically come out as they are diluted with alcohol, hence they will not stain too deeply unlike concentrated perfume oils or essential oils.

Though it can be costly to have stains on expensive clothes such as suits and dresses which tend to be prone to higher amounts of perfume spraying as you use them on special occasions, these can also be deep cleaned to clear our the perfume stain.


Other Ways To Remove Perfume Stains From Most Fabrics.

     1.)    Immediately the stain occurs you can moisten the center of the stain with just water. This prevents the stain from holding fast to the fabric or spreading. This will work for fresh stains

     2.)    If the stain is not a fresh one, You can create a solution of one part glycerine mixed with one part dish washing liquid and eight parts of water and mix properly. You can then apply this solution to the center of the stain. Place a paper towel under the stain spot that you applied the solution so that the paper towel can absorb the stain been removed. You can keep changing paper towel till all the stain is removed. After this you can either give the clothe a full wash and rinse to get rid of the solution used or flush the spot with water

There are other methods like the use of Vinegar and water, but before you decide on the method of stain removal, you require some more research to understand the best method that fits the particular fabric you are trying to clean.

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Tinuola Ajayi