• Differences Between Perfume Clones And Fake Perfumes

Differences Between Perfume Clones And Fake Perfumes

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People often fail to realize that there is a major difference between perfume clones and fake perfumes. I will be showing the difference between fake perfumes and the perfume Clone, and what makes a fake perfume illegal and a clone legal. Also I will be leaking some secrets by giving examples of Original perfumes and their clones.

So What is a Perfume clone or Dupe?

Perfume clones or dupes were necessitated as a result of people loving the scent of a particular high end brand of perfume but the price range been higher than what an average/middle or low income earner can afford.


Perfume Clones or dupes are relatively less pricier options that are slightly similar, very similar or exactly the same in terms of scent to a more popular and expensive original perfume.

Clones have a different visual appearance from the original, which means they will come in a different bottle, pack and branding from the original. Some clones are really excellent, quite popular and potent perfumes on their own with good performance and longevity, without the consumer knowing that they are similar to an existing perfume. Quite a number of them are so good that if you perceive them you cannot tell a difference between them and the original.

Are perfume clones legal? Yes they are.

A perfume clone is legal firstly because a perfume smell cannot be patented. So as long as the company cloning refrains from using the same bottle, brand name and packaging as the original, they are not doing anything illegal.
Hence why It is illegal to mention the name of the original brand anywhere while marketing the Clone.

Most ingredients used to make perfumes are extracted from nature, E.g

- Essence of flowers like, Rose, iris, Jasmine

- Fruits like Apple, oranges and pineapple

These are smells that cannot be patented. The only thing that can be trademarked is the perfume name, name of the designer and the description of the perfume. 

Most clones are sold by word of mouth, like Armaf Club De Nuit Intense,  some people noticed the  similarity between it and Creed Aventus, they started talking about it and there was a buzz around it with the information spreading about it.

The issue of cloning is more of an ethical one than a legal matter because it is unfair to copy what someone has spent a lot of time, research, money and energy to put together and then you make money from it without giving credit or paying royalties to the original creator.

Below are some popular perfumes and their clones. To purchase, please click the name of the perfume of your choice below.

Creed Aventus 100ml For Men 
Supremacy Silver 100ml For Men 

Armaf Club De Nuit Intense 105ml For Men  
Creed Millesime Imperial 120ml For Men 
Armaf Milestone 105ml Unisex
Amouage Interlude 100ml For Men 
Abraaj Valour 100ml For Men 
Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait 70ml 
Afnan Mirsaal With Love 90ml
Chanel Allure Edition Blanche 100ml For Men 
Rue Broca Pride Intense 100ml For men
Chanel Bleu De Chanel
Armaf Club De Nuit Iconic
Tom Ford Noir De Noir 100ml 
Armaf Club De Nuit Intense 105ml For Women 
Chanel Coco Mademoiselle 100ml For Women
Armaf Club De Nuit 105ml For Women 
Christian Dior Sauvage 100ml For Men
Fragrance World Suave


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