• 12 Work Safe and Office Appropriate Perfumes For Men

12 Work Safe and Office Appropriate Perfumes For Men

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The work place should always be a safe and conducive environment, I am sure we all agree. Do you know you could be a reason why your work place is not a conducive environment?


Answer- Your perfume

 Most work places are within a confined space and the nature of the perfume you wear can cause discomfort to your coworkers.


To choose the right office fragrance you have to consider your clients and co-workers. There needs to be a balance between the desire for you to smell great and the sensitivities of people that have to be around you for half of the day. If you work outdoors, then you have more freedom of choice but with confined office spaces, then you require some thoughts or someone like me to give you options lol.


There are perfumes that are work safe/appropriate. Work safe fragrances does not connote a weak perfume, far from it. You want to go for something strong but not overpowering so if you leave a trail, it will not cause your co-workers to scrunch up their noses. You also need something long lasting since most people spend an average of 6-10hrs at work, you need something to last you through the day. So aim for perfumes with low-medium projection and medium- high longevity.


Some perfume profiles are more appropriate for the office, scents profiles like Aromatics, Woody-floral musk, Fresh, Citrusy, Aquatic, Spicy and Goumand etc. Profiles that might not be appropriate because a number of people find this profiles offensive  include Animalic, some green notes and Earthy notes along with some OUD. Most western OUD perfumes like the Gucci Intense Oud, Versace Oud Noir are exempted because the Oud note is more tempered (read as sometimes non-existent) and made sweeter with other elements. 


Another thing to consider might be your application. If you have a perfume that could be overpowering, then a lighter application of fewer sprays will minimize the effects and make it more wearable for your office setting.

I have compiled a list of some really great Office Safe Perfumes (Click to buy). This list is by no means exhaustive.

     1.)    Versace Pour Homme For Men

     2.)    Kenneth Cole Black Bold

     3.)    Christian Dior Sauvage

     4 .)    Dolce & Gabbana The One

     5.)    Carolina Herrera 212 NYC Men

     6.)    Versace Eros

     7.)    Gucci Guilty Pour Homme

     8.)    Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo Signature

     9.)    YSL Y EDP

   10.)    Chanel Bleu De Chanel

   11.)    JPG Ultra Male

   12.)    Mont Blanc Explorer

   13.)     Armaf Club De Nuit Intense

   14.)     Bvlgari Man In Black

So next time you are in the perfume store, you might want to consider thinking carefully about your colleagues before putting money on that bottle of perfume.


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Written By

Tinuola Ajayi